TW Productions


Studio Time 

 Professional environment with affordable rates. Beats / Instrumentals : We create and sell a variety of tracks for your use. Vocal Lessons : We accept all clients, amature and professional. Mixdown : Bring in your recorded project for a professional mix. Sweetening : Bring in your already mixed track for sweetening and EQ. Mastering : Before you distribute, MASTER! Ghraphic Services : We design Cd Covers, Flyers and Brochures. Bio / Portfolio Services : Bring in your rough draft Bio and we will spruce it up.Artist Photo Shoots : We do On-site and Off-site photo shoots. Live performance and stills. Call for more info!

Specializing in Performance Track Editing : When you need your music track edited for Performance, Video, Commercials, Cheer Competitions and more, we are here for you with quick and precise editing. 


In multitrack recording, 'mixdown' is the name given to the process of mixing multiple pre-recorded tracks into a combined output master recording. Audio mixing is used in sound recording, audio editing and sound systems to balance the relative volume and frequency content of a number of sound sources. Typically, these sound sources are the different musical instruments in a band or the sections of an orchestra.

Audio Sweetening

Audio Sweetening is making your CD or other audio sound better. We use an array of digital tools to make your ears happy. With Audio Enhancement, we apply a series of filters to boost low and high end; we're using tube simulators to stimulate fatness. We could also add echo or reverb or compression. Because each set of ears is different, no two people will make the same file alike.

Audio Mastering

Audio mastering is the process of preparing and transferring recorded audio to a medium for future duplication or broadcast. The specific medium that receives the mastered audio varies, depending on the intended release format of the final product. This medium is then used as the master copy, from which all further production of the audio material will be based.


 Project Rates are available.