TW Productions

Rehearsal Space

Tired of practicing in your living room or in a hot garage? Our goal is to attract local and national artist, bands and musicians from all over that are looking for a facility that is convenient and equiped with the necessities needed so you don't have to tug gear two and three times a week just to rehearse. Save your strength and wear and tear on you equipment for showtime. 

The rehearsal studio is kitted out with an excellent Live Performance setup with the capability to record the sessions.  You can also bring your own gear.

Secure storage area is also available between rehearsal sessions.

TW Productions is run by friendly, helpful staff with many years experience of the music industry between them. The studio is open 7 days a week and easily accessible by major local roads.


  • Seated lounge/reception area
  • FREE wireless internet for studio users
  • FREE bottled water.
  • Secure on-site temporary storage to rent
  • Convenient, ample car parking and access